19 (freestyle) [prod. temper] – lil dild كلمات اغنية

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sit back and relax yeah take a seat
y’know dild coming back with some major heat
i spit nothing but facts thats the problem with me
i got a lot to sat but no time to speak
let me set the record straight
no i did not mean s*xuality
i need to clear up some misconceptions and address some fallacies
making hits by the minute but only paid by the hourly
but when i’m dropping sh*t i’m making double your salary

lil dild is best compared to one who works at a factory
spending hours of his time with the craft and does it masterfully
got no friends to do friend sh*t
no invitations to friend ships
but i’d rather be here than part of your thats sh*ts a death wish

i got more flows than a greaser my sh*t diverse like i’m chex mix
people say to watch my grammar claiming that they are the bestest

i don’t say i can but i will
you type letters with no message
in the stu the i’m smithin
is kickin like i’m the fresh prince
i’m dissecting this beat like i’m a nurse in a surgery
sweating all on my shirt when on this verse that i’m murdering
drip is saturated yeah your lady she thirst for me
spit so much fire your burning at the third degree

imma broken record like guinness
imma smoke a f*g like i’m british
i got more hits than oj simp when he was pushed to the limit

they fearing my lyricism
compare em to crickets
they ain’t hearing workings
got the brains of a chicken

when you’re here it is clear to me
that i’m better than you’ll ever be
my whole life a conspiracy
this real life or a dream?

my music way better than yours comparatively
im winning the race that you failed to compete
got the benjamin’s the only blue that matters to me
this beat ain’t the only one that i’m murdering please

b*tch you ugly on the inside like a vermin in jeans
when i’m on the top i’ll be confused like i’m the first to succeed
and personally, i fly with the spikes like i’m a bird in cleats
when i’m on the track they all freaking like an emergency
they all toasting to me i’m spreading hits like it’s b*tter
all these people blinded by me but unaware of a shutter
i approach with confidence you b*tches lagging like a buffer
you thinking to much of it at the end we’re just a number

i’m a serial k!ller and you are cinnamon crunch
every time that you spitting yeah i just wish you were done
when i see your girl i know we finna bang like a drum
she go down on me like texas then i tell her i’m done (dunn)
tell me sh*t then flipping the story like gymnastics
your bars are sounding rusty maybe go get some practice

i left the game but kinda didn’t yeah just like i’m brexit
you got 15k in student debt but still got cash for flexin
i don’t really give a sh*t about the first impression
most likely already got they lady in my mentions

yeah your brain is too tiny to even get the message
i feel bad for you, your sh*t is sounding condescending
give her my service but she don’t want a connection
my shirt is xxl but f*ck being a freshman

- lil dild كلمات اغنية