10fifty* – lil gotit كلمات اغنية

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lyrics from snippet

10fifty, i got them doors [?]
10fifty, yeah, we blow triggers (10fifty)
10fifty and they [?] (yeah)
can leave the block, n*gga, no [?] (no)
real stepper, they know
k!ll his ass, slimey in my show
[?] for sho’
[?] out my bags
yeah, yeah, i can cop a bag for all of ’em
yeah, yeah, [?] right all of ’em
yeah, yeah, n*gga, stop playin’ ’bout the rolls
yeah, yeah, i stay too turnt up
yeah, yeah, [?]
yah, hood baby (hood baby), they can’t stop [?] (slatt, slatt, slatt)
talk to ’em (slatt, slatt, slatt)
[?] (yah)

- lil gotit كلمات اغنية