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intro * who can relate to my birthday i thought i’d get a buffe today but that was long ago 8 trays i can never take a record and break it on my own i need support from all the haters i used think i needed a loan but i ain’t as stupid as i used to be when i dropped cove and i was 27 now i’m 30
course * 30, 30, 30, its been 30 years ever since i born f*** man
verse_1 * i can’t even remember my childhood now all i remember was when i blew up i was 28 then 29 to be specific 20 days after but when i started when i was 24 all i got was laughtеr (ooh) these f***ers don’t need no hatе there haters thats normal they ain’t a new thing and i never thought that i would make it after i dropped out of college but it ain’t the same (woo) this ain’t how it was a bin was rolling over other rappers but i was there to win (yeah) and i think that splish is good hey buddy stop saying im food hes also 27 just like me when i was terrible that had 7 (oh) this ain’t a act for the cameras its just a way to lay back same tax same lax same lotion same potion same abortion if that did not make any sense well this is a freestyle i think you guys didn’t know im
course * 30, 30, 30, its been 30 years ever since i born f*** man
verse_2* i can’t think about s*** when i’m not a p*ss otherwise my music would always be a diss this ain’t making me as mad but the b**** kept yap at bay now theres a switch on the wall lets press it *cl!ck* now it seems like im gonna never be the same cuzz it changed my lane im not lucky today this ain’t as insane now everybody thinks its cool to be lame (ooooh) well that ain’t as tame everybody used to have bars but it seems like thats gone and im falling slowly there but it don’t matter when im
course * 30, 30, 30, its been 30 years ever since i born f*** man
outro * and now its nothing but darkness not where my heart is and its falling down and i can’t keep up they unleashed a hound and now its out in town and now there dead but still its bound and its lurking and im gonna be gone for a while as i lose my brain not like a turkey

- lil ivan كلمات اغنية