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yo, it’s your cousin, marvin. ‘marvin barry?’
i think i found that new sound you’ve been lookin’ for

yo what up, it’s lil jogger*

[verse 1]
*and i’m here to f*cking say
that it’s been a great day
20 dollars on my name
and i’m f*cking with the fame

16 whole new followers
now i got it made
glad my bo* c*c*corida artist
*and i;m getting paid

these are new carpets, b*tch you’re waiting in the rain
i know these are lion when they say they got no mane
call me up for head, ‘cause you know i’m getting laid
this is my success story, read it page by page

man, it’s, d*mn, lil jogger don’t play with y’all
alright, are we waitin’?
we’re waitin’
sh*t, i should probably pull up the, f*ckin*
iunno if some, side of, room
[verse 2]
like the polls and [?]
the sun is shining down on me
rachel barry sings my name
‘cause everything is looking glee

well as far as sequels go
this song could be like my own creed
wearing some [?]
who is gonna beef with me?

now i make so much d*mn bag
i don’t know what i should read
because here in my garage
my knowledge does seem to exceed

getting [?]
and [?]
when i’m boutta bleed
i convey this whole d*mn [?]
‘cause i’m about to make money

d*mn, i’m f*cking clever, as sh*t!
eggspecially that line about eggs from earlier
that was funny, as f*ck!
anyway, let’s finish this sh*t, off!
[verse 3]
and unlike drake [?]
latex be for s*x
and unlike drake i show some respect
‘cause if i do have a son
he would not be a reject

yeah i love my b*st*rd son, in this fake scenario
treat him like him number one
and take real good fake care of you
‘cause if i was [?]
one thing i wouldn’t do: snitch

ooh, and he [?] just fo me
i wonder who it could be
from drake [?]
you’re gonna regret that song?

man, why does drake use gmail?
he’s a f*cking professional
he shouldn’t be using gmail

uh, oh [knock x2]
oh, i have a knock on my door
hullo, who is this?
are you drake bell?
oh you’re drake the rapper
i was just dissing you
you just emailed me?
ooh, what is that bat for?
ooh, you wanna discuss the problem through tee*ball by watching a nice game?
huh, i thought you were gonna beat me with it
yeah, i’ll go
let’s leave right* lemme just grab my coat though
y’know it’s fi* do* you* f* s* m*
h* we thinkin?
i’m gonna grab it just in case it gets colder out

- lil jogger كلمات اغنية