100 bars pt3 – lil mister كلمات اغنية

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[?] right here
turn up!
load the macs up baby!
trap trap!
that boy got that crack!
and we got that crack, we got errthang whatchu want?
for real

got thirties when we roll up
big poles don’t fold up
my n*ggas [?] grams [?] silly lil n*gga better slow up
pour fours got me slowed up
throw y can’t control us
my n*ggas insane they’ll shoot you in your brain, masked up, case closed up
do a hit, pop out on a opp broad day, pop out when i’m sober
walk up, face shot, red dot, thirty shot, blew his top now its over
pull up, hit the gas [?] do the dash [?]
i be rockin’ this gucci, robins and truie, designer and polo
my n*ggas tote tommys, got guns like the army, we turn up [?]
in the kitchen finessin’, we mixin’ this lean, i hit it with k*[?]
my shooters thеy shoot like some [?] they blam, i givе them no payroll
my n*ggas, my fam, this money and fame don’t make us unequal
my shorties, they hectic they pull up so reckless and sn*tchin’ off necklace
you can call me the [?], [?]
my n*ggas be flexin’, [?] we shop in [?]
these n*ggas ain’t ready, stash [?] i’m countin’ up my blessings
my [?] teach lessons, these n*ggas be stressin’ the field ain’t no lackin’
see baby got [?] magic
when we blow automatic, you need paramedic, my clip like a ladder
my swag a fantastic, [?], f*ck n*ggas [?]
i be fly as h*ll, fl*fly as h*ll with no wings, t*two cups shawty
d*double cup with that lean, b*bussin’ hard off [?]
b*bussin’ off them beans
that gat on me [?], re*red dot with that beam

b*tch i’m throwin’ free money like a free throw
ball so hard like i got a cheat code
not a dime for a thot, f*ck a cheap hoe
i make a n*gga pay like a [?]
f*ck n*gga, try me you can get exposed
pull up, pop out, let this thing blow
[?], get guap, f*ck bad hoes
f*ck n*gga broad day you a assh0l*
i’ma get up, get off my ass bro, cause n*ggas say lil mister [?] bro
i ain’t even gon’ lie, i spaz [?]
choppa bullets they a leave ya ass in h*ll bro
chiraq, my city i’m the king b*tch
my n*ggas all lookin’ blood fiendin
catch a opp with [?] some demons
my n*ggas [?] dreaming
mister guwop, b*tch i stack guap i pull up drop the top
these n*ggas is hatin’, they might [?]
i’m cashin with fashion, partying, mansions, bad b*tches dancing
i got them bands, my cup in my hand, [?] friends
b*tches with me cause i’m on top
got bands stuffed in my [?], cause i ain’t got sh*t for a thot
i just want top, get guap
can’t stop me f*ck roe block, i pull up on yo block
windows tinted blow shots
ho*hollows, those hot
f*ck them oppers, [?] block
f*ck the coppers, d block
with my shootas, rastas
i break bread with gualas
b*tch i [?]
he*headshot slaughter
d.o.a, no doctor
n*ggas sing like oprahs
you know how i’m comin’ man
yah yah
squad sh*t
d block b*tch
7400 gang
squad workin’, we totin’ sh*t b*tch
[?] ass sit down, sit yo ass down
lay down, lay yo ass down
[?] 100 round
turn up, ay
ay, 6775
ay, rrah
jojo world!
bodie world!

- lil mister كلمات اغنية