12 dubs – lil sweesh كلمات اغنية

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oh h*ll yeah beat’s hot
say your prayers

[verse 1]
i got 12 dubs and i’m just getting started
dubs like blue sh*lls, get mario kart*ed
finna choke you out, yeah, b*tch get bart*ed
lookin’ like a snack so i don’t get carded, ungh

beat’s hot
oh yeah

[verse 2]
you all trust your farts but you all just sharted
kinda like moses when that brown sea parted
yeah, i saw that smell from a mile away
so i said, “good day!”, and you best believe i darted, uh yeah

wooooooooooooooh yeah!
uh uh uh
[verse 3]
doorbell ring? oh sh*t, that’s my grubhub
eating while gaming? d*mn, guess i got a grub dub
if you got a problem, b*tch, i don’t give two f*cks
only talk to mе if you’re rolling in them robux

oh yeah

- lil sweesh كلمات اغنية