3am in the trap – lil yu, lil soda boi & ggm records كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: lil soda boi]
3am inside the trap, we smokin’ on gelato
playin’ with a dirty strap, off three perks and moscato
baby please don’t say my name tonight, my name is john doe
rollin up the grass, you know i really like to lawn mow
on go, know we on go, go sicko, mo bamba
fronto, stuffed with marijuana in the condo
combo, mix and match it u can shop like costco
roscoe, chicken flip the bird, chicken and waffles
callin’ up the plug we on a mission to get rich
i just spilled a dirty cup got codeine drippin’ on my kicks
a movie, we pull up and everybody takin’ pics, now its lit
i remember when my opps was on my d*ck
3 am inside the trap, my wrist is like a iceberg
with my slime, no cap like a viper
this is not some hip*hop boy, this sh*t is not cypher
i don’t want commitment, i don’t really wanna wife her

[verse 2: ggm jr eagle]
i can not f*ck with lames, due to your money stinks
you trippy crazy man, you gon’ burn and spend my bands
drive down with my glock, tryna make my block so proud
big bro got that perky and the molly with the bands
and i don’t know where to get it back
with my pistol, can i make it back?
cash out b*tch, face down to the ground
i’m seventeen so i get my money, keep it around
your money insane, all these bl**dy stains
you might see me when i pull up so might think i flew
blow your head off, cause i don’t know what to do
when you told me it’s on me, but this blood is not me
[verse 3: lil yu]
and i got crosses on my pants, make a motherf*cker dance
i ain’t talkin’ with my hands cause i’m really off a xan
i been counting up some money i might pop a rubber band
and it’s always lookin’ sunny standing on a hundred grand
i can take your main hoe, really in a k hole
i think that your garbage, i know i’m r*t*rded
i been rollin’ up exotic, it’s a hundred for a g
u should really f*ckin’ stop it and u better f*ckin’ freeze
i’m in whip not going slow, might pop that perc and imma grow
know you’re too afraid to face it, had to get it on my own
i’m the greatest i’m the greatest, i just know that i’m the best
i wake up like every morning, people put me to the test
if u hating then i’m sorry cause its really f*ck the rest
i’m not waiting for no promo, i might really make a mess
and i don’t play no games, homie we are not the same
i dropped a 40 in my fanta and i do not f*ck with lames

- lil yu lil soda boi ggm records كلمات اغنية