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freestyle (tim westwood)
(feat. young buc)

[lloyd banks: talking]
oh sh-t this is sick right here

[young buck: talking]
yeah you feelin that? lloyd banks alright then

[lloyd banks: talking]
straight outta ca$hville

[young buck: talking]
aiyo banks

[lloyd banks: talking]
yeah whats up?

[verse 1: young buck]
got me a bird and didn’t look back
i learned how to cook crack
its on
back then we had beepers with big -ss cell phones
postin up with the fiends i used to dress like them
(why?) so when the police came i looked just like them
i sell my dimes for five and my twentys for ten
i never gave they -ss credit but they came again
can’t let ’em catch me so buck used to run from ’em
man i said forget it cuz buck got bar money
quarters went to ounces and ounces went to keys
girls used to drop me off now they drop to they knees (d-mn)
feel good to grip the wood and watch ya homie shine to
cause ballin by yourself’ll make a hater come find you
i know the streets feel me the projects in scattersights
people who done really copped the brick and hustled all night
ask me why i’m thuggin i tell you cause its in me
police ain’t stoppin nothing if you want me come and get me

[verse 2: lloyd banks]
i’m flyin out the country ain’t no tellin when i’m gon be back
to be honest half of these artists never gon see that (nah man)
i keep my bad habits away from where i’m gon eat at
before i sit up for a b-tch i’ll loose one knee cap (yeah)
i paid a visit to father time but he flung me back
shocked that we reasonable know ’em by all the guns we pack
live for the dollar and gratefull for every one we stack
mind of a man with no sleep my thoughts brung feedback
but don’t scheme at the rocks on hand
before ya mama sees her seed in the bag like popcorn man
the rug’s greased up its not gon jam
if i squeeze off the block gon scram
bull eggs is all i had man
a replica of my senior you’ll remember me
my grandfather still smokin weed and hes seventy
my blood rushing off this hennessey
i’m walkin out the door with a felony
check, check out my melody

[young buck: talking]

[lloyd banks: talking]
g unit [x6]

[young buck: talking]
ya gotta love it, ya gotta love it
we thuggin in public ya gotta love it, ya gotta love it
tim westwood thuggin in public yeah

[lloyd banks: talking]
gggggg g unit yeah!

[young buck: talking]
ai man, it’s real big man matter of fact, let some gun shots go!
if you got some man

[lloyd banks: talking]
let me get a ar or something

[young buck: talking]
drop some more bombs

- lloyd banks كلمات اغنية