3 am interlube – lordu axrty كلمات اغنية

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3am and i’m outside, and the opps ain’t here, they ain’t outside
no bad blood, you good on my side, and stop them tears hop in
the ride. we can listen to juice threw the whole night. i see stars, she got b*tterflies, run up on at, that’s a homicide, and you got a lot problems, let me tell you mines. have you by the fire, in the winter time


and it’s 3 am in the winter time, i’m not your ex, i won’t tell you lies, and i miss your lips, i won’t tell a lie. they see all the money, ask why i cry? maybe cause i demons winning inside, and i’ll say i;m sorry for the 100th time, i just wanna see you smile in the moonlight

- lordu axrty كلمات اغنية