1uh f1lex – luh flex كلمات اغنية

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i f*cked yo b*tch and i kiss on yo sister
slap you around ima leave you a blister
i got corona i’m feeling so sick ya
wait*wait that’s the lean yeah it give me a kick uh
outshine hb he is a b*tch ya
murder the b*tch with the fl!ck of a wrist
suckin my d*ck give me brain you dumb b*tch k!ll me if i ever turned to a snitch
but we both know ian gon switch
she suck my d*ck then she gave me a kiss
play with her p*ssy so ima just fist
she sucked my d*ck and then mocked up my friend
hate that b*tch face but her body a 10

okay, okay
okay, okay
okay, okay
okay, okay

stupid i’m counting my racks
she start to twerkin she starts to clap
she try to kiss me but her lips are chapped
f*ck all these b*tches that really just rats
callin my brothers and they just say slatt
all this money yeah that is no cap
feeling like nav tap tap tap
driving mercedes yeah really fast
let’s go
luh flex on this f*cking track

- luh flex كلمات اغنية