nerve – luxt كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

my faith in mankind fading.
my trust of stealth, evading.
i’ll take your inner peace from you.
i’ll break your mental spine in two.


you’re on my patience,
you will taste my sting.


get off me waste your
time on someone weak.


you are defacing in
your ignorance.


find a replacement,
not at my expense.

this feeling washes over me.
i try to overlook the sleeze.
just when i find the smallest trace.
of good, there you are in my face.

what is it that you’ve done.
that makes you special?
what is it that you are.
please show me, i can’t tell.
what is it you posses.
that no one else does?
how is it you conclude.
you are above?

a million voices in the midnight sun.
i close my eyes to the sound
and crack the seal on my tongue.
a million gasping dreams coming undone.
i clench my teeth once again,
and feel the sting in my lungs.

- luxt كلمات اغنية