167 freestyle – lvincix كلمات اغنية

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yo it’s 167 lvincix
that’s strictly
had so many downs man
i’m aiming for ma victory
the bullsh*t can miss me
no time for nutten but ma pikney
all about my family and that’s strictly
don’t forget the cash too
make the money stack it up quickly
thou id still be a star
even if they didn’t pick me
where’s the time gone its a mystery
deeply rooted like a big tree
love to all the real ones that’s been rocking it wid me

i got friendships that can transcend lifetimes
i remember rolling with my knife times
but in that game, there are no lifelines
wе ain’t p*ssycats we ain’t nine lives
soon ill shinе so bright that i might blind eyes
loyalty and honesty the guidelines
liquor in my system now the waves getting strong like an ocean with high tides
weed smoke from my lungs like a dry ice
call me fry eye
so much in the pipelines
i’m going hard like it’s the ninth time make ma mama smile shine granny proud cause she raised me likewise
no more waiting on the sidelines
face any challenge once it’s in the guidelines
why speak on violence when i’m inclined
i’ll never swing a punch but i’ll surely punch it just to get mine hitting like a tec9
transcend every lifetime
its lvincix

- lvincix كلمات اغنية