112% – lynden rook كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i feel like i’m writing out a thinkpiece
in my drafts to talk to you
not again, oh no
i got an overthinking mind
and an overracing heart
’cause i’m 112% certain
i’m in love

overcommit my heart to you
disappoint myself again, oh no
will it ever feel alright
to unveil my bandaged eyes?
i can’t afford another gaze
if it isn’t the truest love

can you make this easier for me?
you’re driving me up the walls in the best possible way
and i hate that you’ll prolly never ever know it
’cause i’m terrified to show that you’re on my buckеt list

i’m gonna give myself a break
gonna look thе other way
when my hands begin to inevitably shake
with the fear of where i know i am
too close for comfort, too incapable of
sticking to the plan

- lynden rook كلمات اغنية