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i’m bout to pour my heart and soul into this. my father died from heron, you feel me? …it’s a cold drug

verse 1
there’s needles on the counter on the bathroom sink
i got my cup i wanted something to drink
but someone pulled up a syringe full of my water
to cook up some hop, that guy is someone’s father!
someone’s brother, someones son, a child of god
and now he’s part time living in a pod
cuz now he’s addicted, he’s doing crazy thangs
to get his next fix he would do anything
in-home burglaries, petty theft from the family
fell off to lala land, dam i wish he could see!
dressed h-lla sloppy, bloodstained shirts and socks
the dog’s eating a blood napkin, no one tell her to stop
there’s blood on my towel and on the toilet paper roll
legs and arms covered in battle wound holes
they been runnin in this game they gone as deep as it gets
like runnin’ a vein, ya do alotta hit n’ miss

brain-on-drugs. this is your brain on drugs
no motivation, no love, this is your brain, brain on drugs (x2)

verse 2
that man over there has been hooked for 20 years!
needle hangin out his arm, he’s nodded in the chair
that mean it’s the good stuff, not the usual bunk
not only got him well, he’s feelin h-lla numb
for an hour or two, then he’ll come back down to earth
remember time’s ticking til his body starts to hurt
might have to steal or might have to act sick
might have to talk a sucka into getting his fix!
gave up on life, so add another drug
to make em’ stay up, make them think they feel good
it give’s them fake confidence and fake friends
if they wasn’t getting high there wouldn’t be a friendship
they steal from each other and lie through their t–th
compliment each others’ lies sayin “they quit last week!”

brain-on-drugs. this is your brain on drugs
no motivation, no love, this is your brain, brain on drugs (x2)

one is smoking in the room, the other smoking out here
im peepin the scene tryna hold back tears
cuz im watching this sh-t, and i see family crumble
over money and drugs, followed by bitter mumbles
and it bothers me, so i write about it
bout these liars and haters, scandals and addicts
i could never be a hater i love to see ya do good
but many of us don’t it’s cuz we live in the hood
there’s needles in a bowl on a counter like it’s cool
piso in a napkin everybody start to drool!
wait for their turn to breath that cloud of evil
eyes glued to the pipe, don’t even know these people!
first we’ll get high, then we’ll socialize
talk about getting more, dope to p-ss the time..
straighten a carpet for about an hour
call it productive, but forget to shower?!!?
this wasn’t ya dream, at 12 years old
to be a dope fein let your heart grow cold
now your addicted but you say you’re having fun
and that’s the plan, this is your brain on drugs…………….

writer: mackerodis
copyright: mackerodis

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