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week end

sometimes … sh*t just don’t go as planned
making it hard to understand
let alone, trynna comprend
but it’s alright, ‘cause it’s the weekend

you know when that shift end
destination? the crib .. be there by 10

imma link with the kin
imma link with the homies, ain’t no tellin’ what we get in

imma rest my veins
wake up, thank the lord for all my blessings

feeling rejuvenated man
‘cause in 4 days i’ll be sayin’

i love the weekend [4x]
(know, & you know
you know & you know it) [4x]

a few moments just to dampen the monotony
a couple days to work on demons that’s been up inside of me
be a king amongst kings i’m working out the prophecy
everything looking all good far as i can see
take some time out to kick it with the homies
sliding round the city 4 nicky for phonies
bout to slide on shawty she just tweeted that she lonely
pull up with good intentions and then after proceed to boning

roll up some good exotic get high and continue zoning
round up my night a few plays sunday approaching
gotta praise the lord for all the lessons that he showed me

after that slide on my mama for a plate
you know i gotta check in make sure everything straight
game coming on around 8
grab me a pack a woods and roll up otg
next thing you know it’s monday morning again and i’m late

i love the weekend [4x]
(know, & you know
you know & you know it) [4x]

don’t bring me down tonight
it’s friday
we should get along
we busting moves
you got a attitude
ruining songs
i said sorry and i took you to the movies
you wrong
you need some d*ck
come smoke a blunt
i know you like getting stoned
let’s grab food and change the mood
that way nothing can go wrong
call a friend
i got my mans and they can both tag along
aye big jay play that song that we recorded to zone
immortalize the homie
he forever ripping the bong

them sat*rdays was better days when we medicate and stay out h*lla late
curfew we ain’t never make
it’s 3:08
supposed to be home by 2
it’s the weekend momma you know we gon do what we do
and i got money too
so definitely gon slide on some food
and sunday morning you can bet i got more sleeping to do and in the summertime monday still the weekend too

i love the weekend [4x]
(know, & you know
you know & you know it) [4x]

- malcolm is important كلمات اغنية