1 hitter (remix) – malenciiaga كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
i’m cashing out on this designer
none of my sh*t come from china
if you get to talking hot, i’mma put out your fire
look how i get right behind you
damier prints on my leather
platinum all over my bezel
take you to 10 different levels
i could go flexing, no matter the weather
i’m not a rat, but i’m all ‘bout my cheddar, uh
i’m going straight off the dome, i got a flatbed truck moving quiznos
i got a whole lotta bread, open up subways on your block like woah
dior sauvage on my scent, smell me once, i’m making love with her nose
i’m not an ig thot, i don’t d*ckride, i leave that sh*t to the pros
it’s getting hotter in here, can’t put out my flame when i’m spitting this heat, yeah
i’m like nigerian hair, when they try to break me, i’m hard as a street, yeah
and you know that i don’t care, i do what i want, and i say what i mean, yeah
i got the pack in the mail, i ain’t talking drugs, i got me some beats
like “lord please”, let them know that i do not move keys, but i’m still real
like “lord please”, i just made 80 on gme, paying my bills
like “lord please”, open my bank account, omg, sh*t is so trill
like “lord please”, drowning in money, this sh*t so easy, woo!

yeah, sh*t’s h*lla easy, yeah
i’mma go back in, one more verse, one more verse
yeah, uh
[verse 2]
you try to go copy me, your body dropping b
police be watching the way that you stalking me
i won the lottery, you just a wannabe
copping your shawty like she was a property
told her get off of me, steady be jocking me
riding my d*ck like it was a see*saw to me
flipping and flopping, she spitting and swapping’
i told her go home and go empty your wallet, yeah

oh man, that’s crazy
tory lanez, vv$ ken, malenciiaga

- malenciiaga كلمات اغنية