apprehension – manchester orchestra كلمات اغنية

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finding out
you had lost the little one inside you
not a sound
but chalk that you had dropped on the floor

and i could tell that when you fell
the future never planned on getting easier
god has never been afraid
to fill our cups with more than they could hold
’til they all overflow, drown once and for all

how could i misconceive
i was owed something radically radiant
the doctor came through
and asked if you’d like to give it name

how can you misconceive our ideal
growing our futures
some impressive prize i find
placing all the blame

my apprehension got the best of me

better now than when i found
i used to have the gift of amus-m-nt
it’s funny how without a doubt
the family’s far more calmer than me

and i will cause a lovers’ court
and do you, don’t you keep on typing
sour-mouth, a coward clout
the dormant gospel’s nativity

my apprehension got the best of me
walking dead, my heart was moldering
yeah, got the best of me
the best of me

pushing it out, i heard the healthiest move
is to abandon all of my blemish
that’s what the hospital staff
and the pair of our parents will say

here i am again, directly
back to the place where adam ruined family
turning in a marathon of mental
’til god shows up again

my apprehension got me nowhere
swimming in my own filth
yeah, got me nowhere

- manchester orchestra كلمات اغنية