bad kidz – marina كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
we came to an agreement, in good health
that if no one would take care of us
we’d be fine by ourselves
it was time to f-ck the views
of those who don’t deserve our spit
why is it that we crave the praise
from the people who least deserve it?

if you gave us a flower
we’d sit and we’d water it
but instead we watch you weave your webs
and you wait for us to fly into it

you act like you’re strong and
we all act like we’re we-e-eak
if only you’d quit trying to cripple
our dancing fee-eet

[chorus 1]
bad kids, bad ki-i-ids
slip through your hands like liquid
bad kids, bad ki-i-ids
vanish when you shut your eyelids
they’ll vanish when you shut your eyeli-i-ids

[verse 2]
thinking of it is painful, it’s better to accept it all
thinking of all the mothers and the daughters
and the fathers and the sons
who are waiting for a call
that says, “i didn’t mean it
i love you for who you a-a-are
whether you make it in this sick industry or not
you’ll always be my special star.”

he said
“if i became a pretty flower
would you sit and talk to me?
oh my roots, my roots are getting old
and i’m getting, i’m getting, i’m getting lonely, lonely!”

i’d play superman, i’d make you feel safe
so why are you disappointed?
everything i did for you means nothing
cause you turned out to be wicked

[chorus 2]

[verse 3]
i’m the tangled ball of string
i’m the criminal, you’re the victim
i am the cat, and you are the mouse
and i am the milkmaid that k!lled all the cows
so, am i the oil to stain your skin?
am i the storm that sank your ship?
no, you are the horse, and i, the cart
but it’s you, but it’s you, but it’s you
it’s not me, it’s not me, it’s not me
that broke your heart

that broke your heart
that broke your heart
that broke your heart


- marina كلمات اغنية