handcuff me – mario william vitale كلمات اغنية

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yeah so we’re chilling in history cl-ssand i’m just thinking can i have a piece of that -ss?then the teacher says get out your textbook but really who the f-ck cares oh man her -ss is thicki know she wants to ride my d-ck i don’t care if she’s got cl-ss but she do got dat -ssi walk up to her and ask her wanna be my partner she says no i’d rather die but i gotta ask her why she says: she ain’t no hoe she ain’t gonna blowshe does have that effect she wants respect she said she has some dignitybut to me i am perfect she says she wants a man that will make his own sandwich god she sounds like a total b-tchshe says she wants the same rights now all i’m thinking about is winning c-ck-fightsshe says she wants to be an equal i think she’s on the menstrualman she wants a lot of stuff i should put her in my handcuff 😉 she finally stops talking i don’t think she’s that amazing

- mario william vitale كلمات اغنية