3.lone rider – marqer كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
man i am tired of runnin from demons
i promise that they ain’t gon catch me today
so many time i tried and failed
and so many lies got thrown in my face
all of these people they comin n goin
i really just wonder if any will stay
all of these thoughts just pop in my head
until i am dead it’ll keep me awake

[verse 2]
i’m duckin the fakes
i’m moving away
my down days keep me right in my place
my up days when i’m makin sum cake
i’ll die for my blues it’s whatever it takes
big plays what i’m makin today
finna hop onna drop when u send me the place
if you my dawg then i’m takin the case
you gettin robbed if you get in my face
it ain’t no sorry that sh*t is too late
cuz i just got too much to lose
put that pack in the mail and it’s gon like dababy
cuz i needa get me a tool

and she tried to play me a fool
and now she like what did she do
she tried to play me a fo*oo*ool
and now she like what did she do*oo*oo*oo

- marqer كلمات اغنية