3e – mars (no wave) كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
she said, “i don’t like the way you always wanna stay in bed
i don’t mind the service but i think you’re getting overfed”
and i said, “mama, this is better than a girl
because from this standpoint i can understand the world”

[chorus 1]
you’re not supposed to break your toys
drop the papers, or make a noise

[verse 2]
and it’s too much mystery to always never see a face
out on the street, marching unrestrained, the human race
and all this ceaseless motion takes all my might
close the curtains, give up the night

[chorus 2]
take a filе, smooth me down
there’s somеthing funny on the town

[verse 3]
the wall buzzes, “hey, pal, i’m starving, how about something to eat?”
opens up his lips, tunnel tongue regurgitates the street
mother’s unbandaged cry breaks, wakes the hand underneath the steps
trips down the stairs, drops the milk, gets the sheets all wet
[chorus 3]
mother, don’t abuse your child
it’s not the time to make you smile

- mars no wave كلمات اغنية