3:47am – mary mortem كلمات اغنية

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signal all these problems have me looking outside
open the blinds see them creeping at night
cuts all on my body on my neck and my thighs
i just never cared to f*cking live in this life
stupid motherf*ckers want to talk about “everybody will really want to try it out”
like you gonna be the reason that i don’t want to feel
you won’t talk about it, the times you f*cking k!ll me
you gonna talk about the drugs you gonna spill

now i’m on my own i’m on my mind
f*ck your even mean you was lying

everyone keep talking like they righteous
i’m just on the floor b*tch i’m crying

sick of all these stupid motherf*ckers
speaking about anothеr f*cker

i got my problems they insidе my home
every single time i talk i f*cking cry alone

you just want something over me

these b*tches talk these b*tches want my d*ck
they just make me sick
i’m just on my own
again and again
drugs make me feel better
again and again
i just smoke
that b*tch is on dope

- mary mortem كلمات اغنية