111 – mason infinity كلمات اغنية

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[intro: tropes777]
da*da da
da*da da*da
take a breather, take a breather

[verse 1: tropes777]
i think they like me
but it not the way that you’re thinkin’
you f*ckin’ striked me
but i’m still growing and you’re shrinkin’
i’m drinking hi*c, you wanna fight me
but i know mason got my back just like a riley
i think it’s [?}
i hear that pitter*patter
you know that you ain’t a friend to me, you don’t even matter
shoutout luna coming in clutch with the f*cking patterns
i hear the echo on my voice, i’m in a f*cking cavern

[verse 2: mason infinity]
step in the bus, countin’ it up
i got the rope, but you can’t hang with us
i got the key, tellin’ that to me
tryna get away, but the freedom’s a fee, oh no
tellin’ me it ain’t free
what’s up with that, got a problem with me
gonna hunt you down, don’t make a sound
i’ma go hard like there’s no one around
stop comin’ round here, i said no
[vocal glitching]

- mason infinity كلمات اغنية