30 on the 30th – masterclassnyc كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]

30 on the thirtieth, i can’t lie d*mn i’m feeling kinda nervous
like i don’t what’ll it bring, new success no stressing things
and you know we want the best of things
young ace every test and things, new devil every level, but we blessed and things
too fly to address them things too petty so we left them things
catch me at the top spot with rest of kings
2am i was born in the summer time
fire baby im a cancer you know the sign
ask my momma couldn’t imagine what was on her mind, gotta pay my lady back just for all the time all the time
a million f*ckin dollars, i can’t lie man i want a million dollars
never been a follower and the sh*t has got me this far
make it look easy but this sh*t is dead hard
dedicating it to all my real and day ones
without ya’ll couldn’t never really make none
middle finger to the fake ones, sn*tching all these n*ggas up like a lacefront they front we won
paced myself cuz this life is a race bruh, turning 30 in the middle of a race war
so inspired getting everything i came for
finally figured my purpose and what im made for
is to inspire the n*gga that ain’t no place for
the haves and the have nots, who from the bottom but kickin they way up to the top

[verse 2]
yo excuse me for my lateness, bout to step into my greatness
had to figure out my way in let em know i ain’t playin do you hear what i saying
i done bossed up got these mothaf*ckas paying
really living life no stress, no paining
sh*t a masterpiece like a mothaf*ckin painting
know the brand up really stamped and solidified
blood sweat and tears all them nights that we really cried
sleeping on the couch no room getting crucified
i really broke all them times now im a stabilized
look me in the eyes let me know that you really ride
ain’t no looking down only up cuz we on the rise
way back all emotions got internalized
finna let out, feel the wrath im the f*ckin guy im the f*ckin goat, first in my fam to really blow
used to play it cool, used to really keep it low
staying out the way i wanna rock the boat
all these wack n*ggas now its time to let it go
let em drown n*gga its my time right now
anybody want smoke it could really go down
30 for 30 getting down in the dirty

- masterclassnyc كلمات اغنية