learning to walk (ft. shofu) – matt houston كلمات اغنية

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[voice: matt houston]
see, now matt, your problem is
a lot of these people know you nice but
they don’t feel you
they don’t feel you’re… authentic
and, you better know you got it so
it’s time to start talking
start crawling
get to walking

[verse 1: matt houston]
find out my foot is walking over bodies
whether it’s b-tches, parties, n-ggas just talkin’ about me
bet you, feeling smart what you found about me
you can probably hate the boy
but it’s hard to dub me
i’m nice and my squad is rowdy
quickdraw like “partner, howdy”
got a bunch of circles
but all of them small, they outtie
all of the genesis, lookin’ arab
why is you saudi
d-ck in they mouth, chirping like parrots
squawkin’ about me, polly
be talking and poutin’ but got nothin’ to say
summer in california, all that’s coming is flames
your girl flirtin’, for attention, a sucker for fame
hit her with the stroke game crazy, f-cking insane
then she get dumped with you lames
ain’t a plan, that’s a promise
workin’ her brain, oh i’m nice when i’m sharing some knowledge
can’t compare to a god, if we comparing to prophets
or comparing to music, fam, theirs unbearable, stop it
saying my sh-t’s whack from experience, i can’t relate
can’t tell if you a d-ck or p-ssy need to translate
any trans is late, transfer from fans or fakes
abandon your b-tch-ssness, and left you while stranded in rain
and it’s gon’ be a cold winter, but me, i know no limits
spittin’ heat till i’m bronze, and my silver-lining gold-tinted
spectators is so winded, it got them so livid
crowin’ and constipated from the bullsh-t they holdin’ in
i love it
every shots at me, ducking
now i’m sh-ttin’ and dumpin’
catch a whiff of the pump
then they get clipped and they runnin’
acting hard is a facade
i smell b-tch in they functions
plus i got ham, rock band
smashin’ they pumpkins

[chorus: matt houston]
if you’re gonna talk that talk, boy
you gotta walk that walk
you been tryna talk that talk, boy
now walk that walk

[voice: matt houston]
ah, young shofu, i see
with you, your kindness has mislead people
they are, interpreted to be weakness
out to dispel at anyone’s dramatic mouth
who’s talkin’
and who’s walkin’
and who really got the juice like that
let these n-ggas know

[verse 2: shofu]
i tell a b-tch in front her man, she ain’t sh-t
just to get a reaction
no, got no time for distractions
i’m all about my transactions
i’m packing the heat, on top of the lap and
they looking at you, what happened
my look knievel and my words cleopatra’s
i’ll tell the future for you rap n-ggas
i’m looking now, ain’t no future for you trash n-ggas
b-tch, i’m the oracle
portfolio is already historical
what the f-ck you do when you don’t care but they want more of you?
i do this when i feel like it
but i just never feel like it
say she got desires, mario brothers
n-gga, we still piping
n-ggas still griping
sensitive p-ssies, they still like us
undercover fans
when the time is here, they gon’ still buy us
and there’s no bias
i’m nice with it when i feel like it
and now i f-cking feel like it
get to sh-ttin’ on you trash lames
bat brains
headed to the bank, i’m in the fast lane
pockets get offended when you fat shame
i’ve been, working hard on my sh-t
i took some l’s before
as far as i’m concerned that’s part of this sh-t
my arms heavy from these 20 karat rocks on my wrists
sometime’s it ain’t enough
i’m still thinking bout callin’ it quits
because karma’s a b-tch
that’s somethin’ personal
some of you might understand
and still outstanding, anyone doubting need to be reprimanded
put you in my shoes
show you what it’s like to feel empty-handed
when you got what everybody tryna get

knowledge like vitamins
hungry like leviathans
the words they working out
and we resortin’ to the violence
ain’t n0body higher than
ain’t n0body flyer than
me, bill goggles on
gettin’ green like heineken
we does this a lot
i don’t drink, i need a couple of shots
just finished having my way with a couple of thots
life on the rocks
b-tches got they eyes on my watch
haters froze by my flows on the […]

[chorus: matt houston]
if you’re gonna talk that talk, boy
you gotta walk that walk
you been tryna talk that talk, boy
now walk that walk

if you’re gonna talk that talk, boy
you gotta walk that walk
you been tryna talk that talk, boy
now walk that walk

- matt houston كلمات اغنية