lostlove! – mc wave كلمات اغنية

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what the f-ck is goin’ on wit the beats b-ss?!

[verse 1]
you had one task nino, text me back
it’s been 4 years my n-gga
where you f-cken been?!
ever since that day, way back when;
and i got worried no response better hurry
it is 2018 f-cken shoot your shot at me!
wrong thinking
mind’s sinking
nino let her go!
after 2014, time’s ticking opportunity f-cken blown!
22 now, nino she’s f-cken grown!
like i didn’t now know that already
you ready?
approach her calm and steady

a quick requiem for lost love!

[verse 2]
ain’t sh-t sweet about a defeat!
every night, this motherf-cker cries
himself to sleep
loss of appet-te, so he can’t f-cking eat!
puddle full of cries, nothing lies ahead
all his exes want him f-cken dead!
you heard what i said!
past inactions creepin’ up like a silly duck
oh…. f-ck!!

- mc wave كلمات اغنية