10,000 eyedrops – ​meat computer كلمات اغنية

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ya ya
say ya
say ya
bih woah
whole world whole world feeling slow
lost in time lost and can’t let go
feeling fine when i’m not supposed to tho
lost my mind but never lost my soul
aw sh*t
never mind i lost it
pause quick
wish the world could just pause quick
lost kid
on some hating on his mom sh*t
tryna help all these kids
im exhausted
bih bih feeling woah
i don’t rly wanna feel anything anymore
bih bih feeling that
broken heart broken back
lost my mind but never lost my soul
i’m not worried about twitter bro
they talking bout me ya i don’t know
just wanna help all these kids grow

- meat computer كلمات اغنية