1998 – melo (aus) كلمات اغنية

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tell me who the f*ck you think is hoe
blue check on my flow, it’s official
haters bring ya girl around me once and it’s an issue
she blowing my pistol best believe i let it whistle
haters lookin’ foul, see me and i’m poppin’ now
used to hate me for my style * guess who they copy now?
stressings and blessings in peak of adolescence testing every single stream, river and ocean for my progression
that means i been testing waters
i mean you say that you a fan but you don’t support us
i mean y’all draw the blinds act like you been open doors
get any girl wet so tell em daddies “hide yo daughters”
b*tch you know i’m curry with it
now i ain’t rushing but i might be in a hurry with it
time is money, find it funny how the ones who living bummy
be the first to splash they cash on some tags, y’all are dummy
so don’t go broke trying to look rich
and i ain’t no joke, that’s my two cents
all the girls wanna rock him like some new prints
purple rain in this thang, i’m in my blue tints
yeezy, yeezy, i’m making this sh*t look easy
spitting rhymes for the homies that used to know me as reezy
flow greasy ‘look at me now’ like i’m breezy
y’all be gettin’ queasy cause my neck too freezy

d’usse, d’usse, do say, do tell
oh you, know me? oh you, know well
the truth, baby, for you, is h*ll
i’m leaving you and removing you from my cell (sorry)
bruh that’s cold cold, been acting bold bold
i could fill a book with the sh*t that i been told
told you from the jump that i do it for the stunt
and i dare you to go back just to see i never front
too many lames in this, too many games * i quit
i cannot hang with this
i get the point and i guard my heart, too many lanes are split
this is some crazy sh*t, tell me, “why do the people be paying for this?”
try to contain my drip, allergic to gossip man, i just refrain from it
listen to melo there’s pain in it, audible art and i’m painting it
i do not f*ck with complaining, i just be doing my sh*t you just saying it
uh, yeah, do what i gotta do
mr rossano that’s mr unstoppable
setup a business that sh*t is untoppable
betting against me is highly illogical
woah, hold up * he so secure
he never waiver no he don’t deter
write every letter and mean every word
you know i mean every word
flipping this money, flip em the bird
they on they last leg, i’m on my third
okay that sh*t is a little absurd
hennessy calm and give me my nerve
s*o*l*o we rolling like cigarillos
melo coming out the speaker makes the fellow bellow
right now i got a queen so if she ask the answer ‘h*ll no’
but if i hit that single life again then ladies “h*llo”
jell*o, the way that booty jiggle is a riddle
f*cking wifey and her friend, call me malcolm in the middle
ask me if i’m high and my answer is “a little”
i’m the f*cking wave and you are not even a ripple

- melo aus كلمات اغنية