1 of those things … – misaku foxx كلمات اغنية

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i’ll be the first to say
nothing ever stays the same
wasted time and empty days
now, to tell you the truth
it’s like i never knew you
and i could see right through you
i chimed in with a haven’t you people ever heard of
closing a god d*mn door, please
there’s happily ever after
and then everything in between
and i’ll tell you the story
and i’ll make it all about me
i can’t write a song, and i can’t write a hook
can’t write you a letter, but i’ll write you a book
stop acting like this sh*t is normal, it’s not
you were all i had but now that’s sh*t is gone
we’ll try it again, but we still gon’ be wrong
just stick to the script, and we’re both getting home
there’s something about you, and i just don’t know
how to put my finger on it, how to figure it out
well, maybe it’s just one of those things

- misaku foxx كلمات اغنية