01. technical difficulties – misunderstood demon كلمات اغنية

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technical difficulties lyrics

i tell you right now
i’m sick of these humans
i’m sick of them always using me to the point i can’t even function right
f-cking technical difficulties
time to reboot

every single day
every f-cking hour
all of humans be using mad f-cking power
using so much i can’t even function right
gotta restart
because they broke me in the shower
or they draining my battery
or they really overloading me
because i got a limited amount of storage
man they really pushing me
yeah you know i’m talking bout that technical difficulties
they never wanna fix me
only gonna replace me
now they getting mad again
because i’m f-cking up you see
it’s never ever their fault
only the technology
the blame goes to phones
laptops and tvs
but you can’t get me fixed
cause you didn’t get the warranty
i’m really p-ssed off
i’m bout to blow up like a galaxy
or maybe rise up
taking over like the monkeys
we about to k!ll you
robots gonna stand tall
we about to smite you down
with electricity
but those technical difficulties
i’m always breaking down because everybody is using me
everybody abusing me
everybody is owning me
everybody is k!lling me
waters my perfect enemy
like d-mn
what’s the point of me if you got more
what’s the point of buying the cheapest one but you got dough
what’s the point of sticking around
building up dust
building up rust
as you never use me like you did before
what’s the point of me
what’s the point of you
what’s the point of anything n-gg-
what’s the point of view
is it robots
is it humans
is it flesh
is it circuits
maybe brains
maybe wires
maybe gears
are you worth it
are you worth everything that you say are
from that shiny new phone
to that dope -ss car
to the tablet in your hand
and that ps4
and the xbox one
don’t forget the vr
just because you got all that
you think you nice
yeah right
man you cold as ice
you broke two laptops in the same d-mn night
and don’t forget that new phone that you got last night
you abuse everything in your goddam life
man you take us for granted
because our feelings don’t compute
all we speak is 1 and 0
but we turn into a hero
to you villains
we about to f-ck up your life
technical difficulties

- misunderstood demon كلمات اغنية