03. half man half machine – misunderstood demon كلمات اغنية

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half man half machine lyrics

gears and the flesh
feeling so fresh
got a new update
time to refresh
looking like the terminator
time for your death
try to get right but ya -ss get left
this is what i do
half man half machine
got a bunch of gears and a bright -ss dream
a heart that still works and some laser beams
never overheating cause i’m always steamed
this is who i am
feeling like a humanoid
looking for some parts like the f-cking last metroid
always finding danger
so i try avoid
but it happens so often
i’m getting annoyed
so it’s time to shoot first
ask questions never
i may have a heart but i’m k!lling like whoever
and since i’m half robot
i’m doing this forever
and i’m going so hard
never gonna rust
and i got the mindset
make a n-gg- robust
that’s just
to the unjust
feeling like i’m robot chicken with the mean thrust
i just keep it going like the bunny
cause i’m charged up
always gonna push it to my limits till i burn up
work so hard that i think i need a backup
or a cold day
cause i think i might blowup
that’s just how i’m built
might break apart
but i’ll never wilt
maybe tilt
but i’ll come back stronger when i’m rebuilt
that’s just me
robotically capable of my own guilt
cause back in the day
i was slicing with daggers
i had that mean hilt
now i’m k!lling
power fisting
fully charged and still persisting
and resisting
no enlisting
i will not be owned
you getting
and i’m blasting
robotic strength with human laughing
so contrasting
but we’re casting
this is what i call forecasting
got that master plan
robotic flow cause it’s who i am
never turn to spam
i’m important
you better listen man
do all that i can and become the man with electric hands
then ride off in myself
i’m transforming
now i’m going ham
i’m feeling like a monster with this rocket launcher
better turn your -ss around and get back to the f-cking chopper
bout to lose my circuits
you don’t wanna see me going bonkers
getting stronger
only thing on my mind after that is f-cking conquer
this is me
half man half machine
flesh and circuitry
masterpiece that last eternity
fly like b-mblebee
can’t you see
i’m a g o d
and r o b o t
that’s just me
i’ll say it one more time

- misunderstood demon كلمات اغنية