3:33 am (freestyle 1) – moncef كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

(devil talking)
i can be your friend
i choosed you cuz you are special
so special you know…

[verse 1]
lot of passion n love even if i dont get any
got luck, founds on rap’s road a penny
keep digging my stamina got no limit
frenemies got me staying behind my walls damit

too many energy from another worlds
my muse beeing to me clingy, want me to keep rhyming my words
the devil want me dying a thirst
not utopia mode still the first

still not admit failures even if im wrong
second one who get to apologize n it takes too long
still blaming my ego somehow its has a bigger tongue
my talent came out was like the prince kinssing the frog

leting probs till its too late
heart upon the skys, finding the earth, got faith
generation mixing the lean swallow pills n im on my phase
not introvert just fighting my demons
[chorus ]

i don´t needs anyone to rate
i dont k!ll my time anymore to debate
i feel sorry for being a lucifer my eyes turns black n hate
i know revange got no taste
i know life goes fast like a tinder date
but why still feeling alone sourrunded by people around me
this sh*tty thoughts lately just got me

[verse 2]

i dont need any guy to tell me if im good
im living doing music thats my mood
i learned a lot from my arabic african roots
that u gotta show your canine to stand out ur rules

im digging my grave
im scared of the angels questionning about my waves
if i was really rhyming spreeding love or hate
somehow i want to lose the controll n be guided by my faith
who thought that devil would come n want make me rich like gate

in this universe
i gave n take
n take a break
to correct myself n be awake
it hits diffrent , to grow up with people telling u will always fail
to keep crawling act like it doesnt affect u its rare
how dare you talking to a teenager building for him the darkest atmosphere
now im good dont hi me n tell me i always knew it my dear

no u didn’t knew
cuz if u knew, u know how i grew . (i knew)
thats why only the mic feel me so i press rec to talk with it

(devil talking)

yo little diamond i can be there for you
hi! my name is lucifer

- moncef كلمات اغنية