13th disciple – moor كلمات اغنية

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she like my title
she on her knees but i don’t see a bible
she want a ring but she don’t look like michael
think she my thing but she just in the cycle
been on my own i’m the thirteenth disciple
i don’t answer the phone i don’t wanna talk right now
i’m just giving the bone, yeah she really get piped down
watch how you speak when you talk about my town
been on my feet but you might see me skrt around
smoking og you can hear it, it’s so loud
music done raised me i’ll say i’m the best out
know you cannot stand me cuz before you have them doubts
sound like a grammy but i’m still on soundcloud
you really want my neck you here for attention
don’t speak on n0body cuz i don’t give a sh*t
then you start speaking on me cause disruptions

i told you p*ssy n*ggas i really run it
talking behind my back n*gga that whack
you see me in person that all turn to cap
all you do is curse online, that’s facts
why my name in your search but you never at?
why i’m still placing first and you still in the back
i can see you real hurt cuz counting these racks
started talking my sh*t then they really got mad
tryna get in my way you could never distract
busy worrying bout me why you not getting bags
i got busy that’s why i be living like that
made the decision that imma stay real
cuz when they lie on you i know how it feel
you can’t break through a n*gga from the city of steel
demons really want me signing these deals
and i ain’t never been on no pill
don’t f*ck with my team bout our queso
my n*gga vinny p rolling blunts with the pesos
get dirty real quick we might need stain*o
we just like green, y’all n*ggas like rainbows
told my momma that imma go harder
even when days start to get darker
ain’t like books i was still smarter
stepped in the booth they got quieter
i don’t f*ck with these liars (i don’t f*ck with these liars)
so imma go get higher
count commas til my times up
start drama and your times up
we don’t hide you don’t find us
ride solo don’t need partners
all this time still can’t find trust
been everywhere still can’t find love
is it really me or is it my luck?
is it really bad if i’m alone?
is it really bad f*ck it

- moor كلمات اغنية