3style – mover كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: mover]
i remember ‘011 on the curb hungrier than ever
‘012 now we spending monkeys on the sweater
word has it is that they got money on my head
f*ck him, f*ck them, f*ck any other bredda
see i’m wicked when i fl!ck it, stick him when i grip it
i ain’t tryna miss him, man ill fill him when i hit him
gonna pitch him when i pitch him
hit him when i hit him, hood 16
we don’t only ride on the riddims
see my riding a nissan, 5 other villains
big ting could land man a 5 ina prison
but everything calm, everything easy
ends full of guns, every n*** squeezy
i ain’t on a fist fight, donny look big
return with the mac like morrison did
i can promise man this: if it didn’t jam that day
there woulda been a body in bits
don’t bothеr man with all of your chit chat
list facts, couple ams man i did that
been bad, them n***s turn badman recеnt
young gunner jimmy and his gun game decent
lungs stay cheesing, pumps stay beating
we really letting off they just [?] ain’t squeezing
crime hood: full of them tugs and demons, we buss that heat then
dance to the weekend
i’m like bang bang, wig him
tryna catch a body while the cab man chilling
i ain’t got time for a photo, c’mon
real n*** rides take less than a minute
put his chest where his chin is, head where his heel is
skinny, i ain’t getting hench off of gymming
hence why i’m gripping, spesh tryna rip him
twist him, turn him to a veg was the mission
he ain’t p*ssing, peak i ain’t sorry though
kicked to a hood where they speak like hollyoaks
just for a minute, calm down brother
ends f*cking hot, feds armed now brother
but my threats are never half empty
5 bill shotty, that’s a arm length, g
suttins gonna drop if i say that it will
straight clap clap clap and i spray that at will
[verse 2: big s]
beyond them grey clouds lays the sun
ct rained upon the minds of the young, we were
living our lives with no p, so
robberies became the better me, and the
poverty took over my means, and the
dark clouds punctured dark dreams
inherited beef on the street
now these young gunners flagging 16
16, trapping in ot, no [?]
had me feeling like bambi, we never had a plan b
the hood rate me
ct kicked our brain cells in gear
made us smell fear
grey and black garms we wear
smith & wesson in the air, riding with the reh the bleh
ct made us see ps, now it’s an addiction
and f*ck rehab, luck we never had
put hard food on the stoves and bicarbs in the sieve
bubbling away, i know it’s sad to say
that dreams will come true f*cking with class a
bobbys, [?], dubs, yay
ct manor, we’re outchea everyday
with big machines and ammunition that lasts for days
the last man we banged man even took his shades
it’s just the game we play
funny how the tables turned now, we’re leading the way
we stay strong even on the worst of our days
break laws cos our crimes always pays
we’ve handled bare machines from .25s to 9s
try one with team, get one in your spleen
one in your dome, get sent to a dream, blood in your jeans
brains all over the gritty scene

- mover كلمات اغنية