3 am freestyle – mrheada$trendy كلمات اغنية

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its f*cking 3 am

[verse 1]
if a n*gga want beef, my brother deliver
ups b*tch imma pull up the box
tripping if you ain’t got me on the aux
shoot my shot with you b*tch, she a cutie
big shorts but i still see the booty
got some gas and that sh*t like her purple
baby fast throw that ass in a circle
you got class, why you hang with a square
okay like no cap baby get with a star
hit me on the snap and you know who you are
it’s 4:47 let’s hop in the car
it’s 4:49 and i’m back in the booth
and i told her one minute but i gave her two
i posted the snippet to snap with a smooch
i’m doing my dippity dap in the cooch
yo’ b*tch got a hmm similar mouth of a flute
or similar mouth of a shoe or similar mouth of my oou
i put the d*ck in she like oou
these n*ggas don’t know what to do
these n*ggas just replicatе moves
then trendy gon’ work on his tools
deep in thе mud and deep in your b*tch
deep in the dirt i know that it hurt
he got a buzz but he can not spit
deep in a skirt gon make a bih ‘lert
5:56 but i’m low*key tired
hit this blunt bae, you can fry it
hit this d*ck b*tch i just lied
my d*ck two inches from nine
and my b*lls hand over twelve
tell them crackers go to h*ll
but that don’t include drake bell
meet that n*gga wish me well
you n*ggas need wishing wells
i’m finna hop outta my sh*ll
i do me, i do you that’s all to the tell
my n*ggas be pillow talking
you n*ggas be bad waiters
just thinking like “d*mn dexter” r.i.p
could never say bye to you properly
that’s why i just focus on broccoli
these p*ssy ass n*ggas ain’t stopping me
hope all my brothers be proud of me
i know allem lil n*ggas be proud of me
be smoking with naji like constantly
lil jayden be chilling like honestly
and aiden took nba possibly
and knew he was serving that quality
just jigging and ducking from policies
and brodie didn’t make me no wanna*be
he showed me that life ain’t no comedy

- mrheadatrendy كلمات اغنية