1942 – mrtt collective كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: ben in balaclava]
ben in balaclava
we gon pull up in yo’ block so better stop the drama
(huh, sh*t)
b*tches coming over
all these p*ssies they all jealous cause we taking over
(yah, yah, huh?)
got my .45 in my back
b*tch i am not michael jordan but i can shoot before shot
clock, stops
better do not mess around
we the gang we ain’t no capping b*tch do not go out of bounds

haters only say bullsh*t
they speaking sh*t, indefinite, irrelevant
counterfeits are hypocrite
we put ’em on rifle pit
all these f*ckers wanna hit
we are not piñata but we on the money, gambit
facts spit, mother wit, we exquisite
flamethrower ear on itch, yeah that itch prerequisite
all the hate will pretermit when you perceived all that we spit
we the crew we gon’ commit, we the gang never quit

[verse 2: j*po]
aye! aye! aye! aye! aye!
better be ready
free for all my sh*t ain’t no friendly
flexin’ on your b*tch now she be so crazy
bout to bust a nut m&m no shady (yuh, aye!)
aye got me spittin everyday
wanna tattoo on my face
feelin like takeoff i lead the wave
my feet be slidin’ i be like drake (yuh, yuh)
car crash
wanna live far maybe southwest
take you outside like a large trash
f*ck a sl*tty hoe that’s a hard pass
always drip, i got no boss
1942 sh*t, holocaust
i write my own i got no ghost
play it till the end never hit no pause
(yuh, yuh)
ben and me be k!llin
got a loophole thru the system
never snitch coz we ain’t no 6ix9ine yaa
mrtt we ain’t trippin
not for clout there were no f*cks given
michael jordan, scottie pippen
god mode thru out the season
imma k!ll you for no reason
like the purge
imaginin’ livin’ the worst
or havin’ a curse
no more depression or problem
your b*tch be slidin’ my dm
tellin’ me baby i want some
f*ck your girl tell her i got one! b*tch!

- mrtt collective كلمات اغنية