3am – ​m!sa (jpn) كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i don’t know why i’m still alive
seems close but far, i can’t reach the sky
you keep telling me that life goes on
but to me that’s the saddest part
we can’t choose the beginning of our life
i want to return to zero
nothing seems to heal my mind
why do i notice everything?

[verse 1]
no words can explain how i feel
it’s 3 a.m., sleepless night
it’s too late to fix me
get me out here, baby
i wish i could sleep the pain away
i’m tired of this never ending pain
my worst enemy is my memory
i want to clear my mind

[verse 2]
a deep silence and a heart full of feelings
lost in a sea of despair, but still trying to swim
it’s getting harder to breathe
when i’m gone, don’t come looking for me
so close and yet so far from death
stop acting like you are afraid of losing me
love me more on my bad days
don’t lie to me, i know the truth
i hate it when my anger turns into tears
[verse 3]
i can’t wait for this life to end
i wanna put a rope around my neck
because i hate myself more than anything
can you please choke me to death right now?

i swim in my blood
i swim in my blood
dance on my corpse
step my body, hey, yeah, oh

- msa jpn كلمات اغنية