01262020 – mukazi كلمات اغنية

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woke up at 4: 44 in my dream i had a ghost
i was rollin thru miami aka wade’s county
i was riding in a ghost, but i ain’t goin mia
woke up next to the bay in the morning like sway
stood tall like alonzo when i woke up this morning
hoped in my starving car almost caused a collision
i had to break*fast like a n*gga doing donuts
talking to this white b*tch i was in the car dashin
doing high speeds like a n*gga carjacking
ios i be mocking, put a spell on these b*tches lowercase i ain’t cappin kotd when i’m steppin these n*ggas swag jack in
my closet dope like a backwood i got high fashion
artificial intelligence like ai im the answer if you askin
keep relapsing no relaxin on my grind 24 7 yea 2x
on my grind 24/7, now i’m on it 24 8 yea
ik ima get it one day, it was sunday d*mn january 26 uh 2020 i was in the crib, chillin like a villain wit resilience reminiscing bout my past life yea iookin at the ceiling, but remixing songs off the top like wayne on no ceilings
got a text from my whodie couldn’t believe what he told me
it was was a post about kobe i ain’t have a first gusss so i started second guessin
they say words speak volume, but i don’t listen to caption that these b*tches make up
i ain’t talkin cosmetic what caused it
automatically i did my research went back and researched
it’s everywhere on the news
kobe my n*gga why it had to be you
i ain’t wanna dissect it but it broke a n*gga down into f*cking smithereens how i lose my icon
d*mn kobe you just had a goat talk wit
bron bron
mamba mentality forever till my f*cking time come

fly high 3x
my n*gga kobe gone!! 2x
fly high 2x
and everybody on the plane yea time is precious
bust it down if it’s a plain jane
and everybody on the plane yea time is precious
bust it down if it’s a plain jane
this ain’t watchu want like no auto
married to game with 5 titles
it’s vital to recital rest in peace to my idol
middle finger to my rival yellow tapes on arrival
deadeye shooter pau! pau! thats dirty
dropped 30 pull up from 30
i should be on 30 for 30, throwback vintage swag hall of fame on my jersey
like poof abracadabrai got magic on my jersey
yes i bleed gold and purple even james know i’m worthy
wilt chamberlain in my pockets that’s a hundred bucks
im like kobe bean bryant at the rucker park
i got n*ggas like kareem known for posted on the block
hit you in yo snot box make your f*ckin stock drop
ain’t no sell outs on my team real n*ggas still in stock
i dont read a playbook i just called my own number
these n*ggas adam 22 they ain’t got no jumper

- mukazi كلمات اغنية