3d routine – mush (uk) كلمات اغنية

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the induction party comes to an end with transfixed crowds splintering through desire paths re*emerging to the cold familiar pavement. fresh from re*orientation, discarded all routines, a flow*dimension flow state, go forth and send the ladder down, peel back the tunnel, dimensionally challenged 2d suckers. this is the next step, this is the next step

3d routine

supplanted back into the community in open*collar shirts to distribute the literature and esoteric exerts. a subversive element enlisting data monkey like fish in a barrel, we see the track marks, we see the lines move, we started a new groove. save your echolalic speeches and ritualistic behaviours, the b*n*lity of sense and justice, the tyranny of free speech seems offensive yet can’t be impeached, but i’ve got a 3d routine

3d routine

in absence of charismatic leaders’ crowds flourishing in perfect synergy. adjacent cells of discontinued produce, past discredited like poorly received sequels. primitive parts, blunt instruments, conventional wisdom once was compact expanding outwards. indiscriminate trajectory

3d routine

- mush uk كلمات اغنية