i fear – my shameful كلمات اغنية

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all the time i wasted
hasting from one to another
never seeing, what was laid before me
now time has slipped away from my hands
and here i stand, at the end of time
and see, there is nothing i would not regret in
my shameful, shameful life
for a moment i do despair for there is no going back
i cannot mend the deed i did not do
i can’t undo all the harm i’ve caused

save these words of mine
and see the horror i face each day
like sand, time slips away from me
and there is no gate to close, nothing will stop it

hold on to me
i don’t want it to end like this
hold my hand for a while
keep me warm, till night p-sses by

i feel it all begin to chance
my body betray me, it turns to earth
oh, how i would like to rest
but i… i fear the darkness…

- my shameful كلمات اغنية