3 fourths – napoleon da legend كلمات اغنية

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[napoleon da legend verse 1]
speak of taboos from earth to naboo
clavicles blew leave tablets as a clue
masses salute pass the loot running lap round loops
last round of booz
crash the coup crash bandicoot
masters knew about dudes flash news
masterful slash humble ass dude thunder blast crews
wave different ancient praise giver slave shifter
shape shift into an a*lister
grave digga listener the great riddler
zig zag ziglar whiplash spitta
you’s ass kisser i’m a gin and tonic glass p*sser
just a tad richer richard nixon fact twister
class dismisser shut the f*ck up u got the picture
zero f*ck giver give me liquor let me drink up
if u ask me while i’m twisted then i think they suck

[napoleon da legend verse 2]
plain spoken stay woke or get chest plate broken
i’m the modern beethoven
my blade focus i’m the chosen golden child
they drove for miles to see it
you and ya pal conceited but why though?
waking around like i won lotto i speak in staccato
u know my shtick is gamo
mixi model in the back, catch me outback
like aussie i’m awesome indeed never lost speed
everything i say is fourth degree
having morbid dreams
doubts can make ya fortune freeze
i walk the street talk is cheap
still i’m all for peace
still discreet cross me you gonna feel breeze
rocking joggers with a camouflage bomber
and a sharp katana, creatine powder
peace kalief browder
i live my life good and i sleep prouder
my belief is power
and i make my demons cower
my style namekian maniacal pedestrian
f*ck ya wall slim i’m biased towards the mexicans
lets investigated tell me who the best again?

- napoleon da legend كلمات اغنية