3am in milwaukee – nasa lamode كلمات اغنية

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ya, it’s like
when you comin from the bottom
only way you know is up
ya b*tch i’m still juggin
but sh*t now i’m in texas
eatin big boy chips, cream city sh*t

i’m in the same corner of texas
that i’m from up in wisconsin
gettin bucks up and down 610
off 94 with a rocket
in the barbershop with big reg
and at night time i was droppin
in between the burger king
big shoutout to you miss v
rj and jeje
raymond and keke
keep the sh*t 2 virgils man
no jack sh*t y’all made me
i do this sh*t for evangeline isaiah and henry
both nasarios
big up jj and xavy
elano look just like me
much love to you dali
i’m laughin cuz last time you told me
why u never spit about me?
in a new place with a new wave
but i keep the yopper shiney
keep the doors locked
with the tints strong
case a mog n*gga try me
got my bands up and my pants up
i might cash out on sum cartis
river oaks that lifestyle
try to keep up my life wild
if i want it it’s mine
and that’s by any means
no court trial
christal saved my life a few times
like i’m her own child
thank you ma i love you
i swear i won’t let you down
but it make me go a lil harder cuz i hate
when i see you frown
and bring home my brother niko
i’m still grievin
all in the street they be k!llin my people for no reason
ya f*ck 12 they hoes
keep that sh*t low
keep on pushin big bricks
right under they nose

but don’t you sleep on them investments
cuz this sh*t here ain’t forever
wanna be big boss status
gotta be a lil more clever

i promise you this sh*t right here gon have my whole city geekin
from burliegh to hampton cap locust becher and lincoln
big shoutout to loso
you stayed down since day one
pulled it out the mud of milwuakee
like d wade no g*y son

and protect all them youngins
and i put that on full force
keep on ballin the the paint
and runnin up them full courts
b*tch i’m way too sick
so i just let it run it’s full course
haters on my d*ck but it’s still f*ckem
like a full horse
i’m only focussed on it if it’s
about building me and mine
if you ain’t talkin business
sh*t i ain’t even got the time
if she ain’t bringing substance
it don’t matter that she fine
cuz wen she trap you up and have you
droppin dimes like a toll fine

i promise you i’m good on that
cut from a different cloth
and b*tch i’m standing on that sh*t
just like a doormat
and b*tch i lay the format
i got my game from the og’s
while you lame dudes was dormant

- nasa lamode كلمات اغنية