3am mind – necrium كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

uh okay uh
okay i’m about to spit some sh*t right off the dome

this that 3 am notes

alright let me actually take this serious so when the beat stop and come back in i’ll start

okay that switch was kinda nice
{yuh okay}
this beat is kinda nice
{yuh okay}
this beat is kinda nice
{yuh okay}


steady tripping over myself
like where did i go wrong
then come to realize
that is wasn’t my fault

snapped back to reality
and now i’m on a mission
i got my mind set right
cause now i got a vision
to better myself
i gotta stay strong
what happened is in the past
so we gotta move on

no more looking back
now wе moving forward
i picked myself up
therе’s no room for struggle

surrounded by good friends
so i gotta stay humble
they pulled me out a trench
cause they seen me fumbled

but it’s okay thought
cause now i’m a better man
i gotta learn from my mistakes
cause it’s all part of his plan

now i’m free
since no one is holding me back
god laid out a path
now i’m back on track

there is no time to complain
i already when thru pain but
there’s was much to see
i got so much to gain
i’m tired
of always blaming myself
look at what’s that has got me
my life was a whole mess

3am thoughts
that’s all i gotta say


- necrium كلمات اغنية