pretender to the throne (opus i: the usurper’s spawn) – necromantia كلمات اغنية

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godless descendant of my blood
impudent son of erihtho
you dare to provoke my power
so come and feel my ruthless wrath
on a night of a fiery moon
your witchborn mother summoned me
whispering my dreadful names
raising the southern winds
i rode to her on griffon’s wings
piercing the darkness of her dreams
she begged the dark to be my bride
to bear my son, the demigod
so i gave her the joys of h-ll
a night of dark and bleeding l-st
my heathen sperm, my burning seed
to raise the mortals’ demon-king
i gifted you the mortal world
to rule the lands and do as you please
and now you impious earth worm
you dare to claim your father’s throne?
i am the dragon, supreme king
i am the dark that gave you birth
i am the blood and i am the life
death riders my chariots of sin
but if a war is what you want
then in my name so it will be
when cerberus will howl at hades
i’ll come my son your soul to take

- necromantia كلمات اغنية