1876 – neil bartram كلمات اغنية

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in 1876
cars were not invented
they didn’t have the radio or movies or tv
and they had more diseases then which now can be prevented
but someone wrote a book that year
that still gets read by kids today
like me

in 1876
there wasn’t indoor plumbing
they didn’t have a ton of things we take for granted now
though, every year, there seems to be some luxury that’s coming
a book like this from way back then is still around somehow!

i guess i used to think that books were only words on paper
when when i’m reading this, it’s like tom sawyer’s really here!
when things are written down, they don’t just disappear like vapor
they travel on through time, beyond that one specific year

and i think writing stuff like that would make a neat career

in 1876
some guy from missouri
put all these adventures down, and made them come alive
and just because that writer wrote this one
amazing story
1876 was so much better than
thank you

- neil bartram كلمات اغنية