3 nights in toronto – nex r كلمات اغنية

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whose mans is he yo?
you need to simmer down and chill
3 nights in to
ahhh eee

[verse 1]

i think it’s time for you to recognize that i’m a don dada
rightful top shotta
second to nada
as to who hotter
tossed that blue collar
for that new dollar
i think it’s best to lay it down proper
y’all know i get around when i say i’m a wanderl*stful globetrotter
never had a problem taking breaks from going full throttle
fool me to fuel anger within thinking i’ll stoop to a hollow
you got a better shot chewing water
don’t falter with how you think
no matter the stress it bring
my life, she a rider ting
swerving between bright and grim
miss me with gassing me up cuz on the way i broke some limbs
locate a major key then stash it, ain’t hanging for iffy hints
shorty rating the come up
she ready to come up
she had a exclamation from the commas
“you can’t reach!”
you was an ellipsis during the period of my struggle
rotten fruits of labor smell bare sus and reeky
knee deep in naivety, plus they dukes fell to pieces
mind how they stay getting regulated, just heed them
the minute i touch the 6 it’s euphoria season

underachievers be player haters
can’t play me, won’t do no favors
better watch your back, you left a trail for a traitor
fronting and capping ain’t part of my nature
i do this for me, you not in the equation
3 nights in to, salute to the nation
my day ones be always beside me like neighbors
to catch up to me gotta learn you some basics

[verse 2]

just like i did
i remember when winning was just an idea
highkey felt that the end is near
that’s why i hold what occupy my vicinity so dear
i pack an adaptive approach
for better or worse
strength i unearth
weakness i spurn
determined to invest, not splurge
so i gotta nize whatever diverts
i only got one side to me
believe me
i treat you how you treat me
any other side beneath me
lanes upon lanes but your way a zigzag
oh you wanna face some realness?
then brace for impact
what i said was embedded
what you said you regretted
if you can’t afford to lose it don’t accord it
and if you can’t cop it twice don’t support it

- nex r كلمات اغنية