36 nights in lexy – nex r كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1]

d*mn, night still bright
savored every flavor i liked
tailgate paper, subtract the hype
loaded every side of my dice
now watch me roll it with all my might
your disappearance felt like a heist
but perseverance was on my side
daily grind catalyze new heights
steady plans bypass oversights
a empty hand out your pocket outta line
hustle up dawg we ain’t coming up dry
switch lanes when you run into half*pints
cuz when it come to the bottom of the ninth
they fall of before they even get to climb
so ima wise up beyond the horizon
got a lot on my mind
lotta quests with nothing to find
lotta puzzles need to be solved before we die
lotta lames gone opt for a rougher ride
would i be hopeful if my big break walked by? oh my!
suffice to say a boss and a bossette unstoppable when combined
my common sense seem one of a kind
kinda ironic, so i kindly decline the notion that i gotta gain life lessons through time
emotions acquired made the venture worthwhile
so no use replying, yeah
just grab you that smile, yeah
there’s plenty delights, yeah
through 36 nights, yeah
[hook (x2)]

them 36 nights, i miss those
them 36 nights, ima need those
them 36 nights, ima need more
them 36 nights, give me some more

[verse 2]

cruising through the past, felt like i glued a loose leaf to the grass
no strings attached when it come to broski behalf
dispensable thangs, we a mismatch, no thanks!
why would i ever raise a white flag knowing that heartfelt prayers foreshadow commands?
well didn’t you deduce you was due for a interview with the inner you?
strayed from what’s pivotal, now you fumbled being the bearer of your pinnacle, sounds pitiful
during times of crisis
best believe i’m licensed
and all these hard hits
don’t faze me in the slightest
make no mistake i ain’t acting up
just dealing with how we not living more than once
brought a attitude none more so than blunt
felt less ineffectual more so than numb
so don’t dwell on my still tongue
while i pile up intel, it be pretty fun
done seen scum lead bums to false freedom
where we from, leak bunk*m, get redone
rougher times turned my rhymes to my slogans
my eagerness to know knows no end
can’t change me, my mindset chosen
don’t forget treasure chests often ain’t golden
could you tell apart my devotion from the oceans?
even with severe endeavors i remain outspoken
realer words ain’t never been spoken
offer me 36 more nights, i’m all in
[hook (x2)]

- nex r كلمات اغنية