3435 freestyle – nhl reece كلمات اغنية

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my name ain’t ariana but i do everything grande
look, we can f*** but you can’t be my bae
on 95 hit 100 on the highway
and my b**** real bad look like kylie
kylie jenner , uh she a winner
if i catch a n**** in her phone yeah im a k!ll her
sike, b**** im a pimp not a simp
got a big .45 make me walk with a limp
3.5 in my blunt , b**** you skimpin’
told her we can go to london, tipton
pull up to the mall watch a n*gga ball , piston
you can’t put me on your snap , h** you tripping
f*** n**** why you doing all that dissing
you know im quick to light a n**** up no christmas
quick to do a b**** , no dishes
private jet flight with the team on the wishlist

can we make love all night
ride me til’ the sunlight
i make her think like hmm mmm mmm mmm
you know you’re just my type
everything bout you so right
im in that thing like mmm mmm mmm mmm

bow, he ain’t know its on me
b**** i keep a 9 on me like tony
play a b**** heart no sony
b**** i ain’t ducking s*** but the police
say you want smoke b**** we gone see
in a fast lane in a stoli
shawty eat the d*** like cold meat
i won’t do you dirty thats the old me
yeah , thats the old me
im a treat you like the one youre my trophy
and the h*** they dont know me
when they talkin that s*** b**** dont listen
b**** im in the kitchen
i ain’t worried about none these other b******
b**** im getting to these riches
i dont these n***** im malicious

- nhl reece كلمات اغنية