save the trilldren – nick grant كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: nick grant]
uh, mind your business, b-tch get out the way
that n-gga eating like god is great, i gotta say
they watered down boy, i pull the flowers out the vase
you either frowning at life or smiling at your wake
big face hundreds, i’m thinking tyra banks
moving dust for the bread, who ordered powder cake
she say “meet me at the altar,” wait i gotta change
she tryna show me the light, we share a common pain
uh, she love me, but baby what would you do for love
flow tight as a groupie hug, you knew what’s up
this is paradise, i live a [?] life
i want my style back, cause you don’t wear it right
this .40 cal with me, i’m on a dairy diet
a diamond in the rough, i went to jared, right?
throwing bodies in trunks, know they ain’t sparing life
man these n-gga too p-ssy, they like a pair of dyk-s
yikes, bumping anita baker
slumped in my seat while she doming me and proceed to taste it
my n-gga hit me bout a l!ck, i told him “keep it tasteful”
aye, they was blunt with a n-gga, now they need the vapors
i got the feature from khaled, sh-t i’m forever grateful
i’m in the ghetto like nana pudding, vanilla wafers
i’m from the ghetto where everyday is like revelations
i represent for them n-ggas dreaming that never made it
aye yo, they saying we got next though, go tell the neighbors
peep how i chef this sh-t up, baby go set the table
they did us dirty, we paid them back – that’s reparations
n-gga i’m speeding through life, this sh-t is talladega
check the scoreboard playa, we running up this paper
boy been a blowout, i feel like angie davis
wings on the coupe, flames under spoon
all you new n-ggas looking like fiends on the loose
i’m quick to spot a op like a stain on a suit
my life is under construction like trees on a boot
this sh-t is over, tell a fat lady sing the blues
lay you under a cold stone for trying to get the scoop
i’m the truth n-gga, this is audio mona lisa
i burn this sh-t like cardio, promise you i’mma freak her
kidnap the princess, mario hide your diva
kicking sh-t around these parts, they robbing you for ya sneakers
every line is murder sh-t, how is this not illegal
going dead on you f-cks, she fondle me while i’m sleeping
sh-t, i’m off the deep end, uh, no i don’t seek trends
cause all that sh-t that you talking bout is beneath him
well alright, bumping that stevie wonder
people take head my hunger, the illest in this genre
ain’t talking back to momma, so ain’t no need to mumble
ain’t acting out in church, but still i keep the thumper
only one taking life, just know i weave the punches
ok, i want the numbers, but i don’t need the numbers
i keep it funky with my circle like i’m eating funyuns
leave the jungle just to comeback and feed the jungle
and save the children, n-gga

[outro: bj the chicago kid]

- nick grant كلمات اغنية