i aint cried yet – nickelus f كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
ayo, i sw-ng hoopties
nose running i’m tooted up
i cop loosies
ahkie give em up for two a buck
i hock loogies
take shots of ‘gac to loosen up
you’re chop suey
don’t stir, i’ll fry your noodle up
i make the story sound good like crisis actors
put pen to page and write a p-ssage, as a rite of p-ssage
i came from out the shadows like sting, in the rafters
try sleeping to the sounds of gunfire and drunken laughter
i felt worthless, b-tt naked and hopeless
my urges, impulses, obsessive compulsive
nose drip, gold tipped, durags, my old sh-t
i’m with the action
get it crackin’, like a glow stick
my mom said i walked at 9 months and i ain’t tired yet
so why would n-ggas try f?
your guess is good as my guess
but i digress, i finesse the pyrex
she said i’d kick myself when she gone
i ain’t cried yet

i ain’t cried yet

[verse 2]
when she all drama
i don’t even get p-ssed no more
i blow scama
too high to even kiss a wh0r-
i rope collars
if you wanna hang, i’ll lift you more
feet kicking, frantic, inches off the floor
as kids we got lead poisoned, by the paint chips
low top adidas i rock ’em, to floss the anklet
lay paint with, a canvas of drums
and a wave synth
open up ya mind like a flower and pluck ya brainstem
i’d sell out in a heartbeat, if the industry liked me
to sell ticks (celtics) the whole point god (point guard), word to kyrie
at my least i stay with a band, like a timepiece
the first of a new wave, and the last of a dying breed

- nickelus f كلمات اغنية